Kazuo Ishikura


General Manager
Nikkiso Cryo, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada. USA



As General Manager, Kazuo assumes a critical executive position within the organizational hierarchy of NIKKISO CRYO, possessing responsibility and authority over core aspects of the company's operations in the United States. He is responsible for the overall management and direction of the entire operational activities of Nikkiso Cryo.

He directs the implementation of business management strategies to manufacture the Nikkiso cryogenic pumps products in the U.S., and provide guidance and advisory support to all ten departments
of Nikkiso Cryo. Presiding over eight Department Heads and overseeing the manufacturing, engineering, distribution,
quality control, marketing and sales of cryogenic pumps products distributed in the U.S. marketplace.

He is responsible for monitoring and examining nationwide sales
of cryogenic pump products on a monthly and quarterly basis while planning and directing long-term budget planning, resource allocation and utilization.

Kazuo monitors and evaluates overall engineering and production performance and progress, oversees quality control, identifies underlying problems, and establishes Nikkiso Cryo's company-wide operational goals, business planning and financial strategies aimed to improve company's long-term profitability.

He serves the critical role of developing the company's budget by examining past operational costs and planning upcoming budget
and its allocation.


  • Master's degree, Mechanical Engineering
    Tokyo university of agriculture and technology