World class innovation and engineering

NCI Cryodynamics Research and Product Development groups specialize in the
development and application of submerged technology for liquefied gas pumps.

Many of our customer's processes require equipment which is not commercially available and by building upon existing technology, we develop new concepts to solve customer problems.

We continually work with our customers to review how our technology will meet their needs. By exploring the application of new technologies to products and systems, we bring significant and fundamental improvements to the marketplace, built upon a base of existing, proven equipment.

Nikkiso's Research and Product Development groups follow a three tier approach to build in the voice of our customer when developing new products.

The first stage is identifying opportunities for new products and services. In this stage, our customer’s needs are analyzed to investigate the problems, benefits and conceptual features of a newly envisioned product.

During the next phase, resource management, creative engineering, process design capabilities and information technology are used to convert each new product specification into a detailed design. The final stage of this approach involves introducing our new product and service portfolios to our customers.



Nikkiso Cryo offers performance testing at full speed, power and flow using LNG, LPG or LN2 at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, or using LN2 at our facility in Tokyo, Japan. The pumps undergo rigorous testing throughout the flow range, with flow, pressure, motor power and many other measurements taken using calibrated systems to ensure compliance with project requirements.

NPSH as well as complete pumpdown can be measured as well as axial shaft position to ensure the thrust balance system is performing as designed.

Testing is performed to very strict Nikkiso Cryo standards in addition to API, ASME and other international standards and project requirements. Factory performance testing ensures that each and every pump meets exacting standards and provides trouble-free performance once it has been installed and is operating at the customer's site.

As a result of unique design features that control bearing loads and our multiple bearing technology, Nikkiso Cryo pumps provide unparalleled reliability. In many cases, mean time between overhauls exceeds 20,000 hours, with some pump recording more than 40,000 hours!



  • Exclusive horizontal assembly process for large, multistage high pressure pumps, reducing the need for specialized maintenance facilities at the job site.
  • Multiple bearing technology for multistage high pressure pumps to ensure rotor dynamic stability and unsurpassed reliability.
  • Pioneer of first high pressure vaporizer feed pumps for FSRU's with more marine and offshore high pressure pumps built than any other competitor by far.
  • Specially developed ZEN™ spiral inducers to provide extremely low pumpdown characteristics.