Fabien Wahl


Vice President of
Aftermarket Business Development
Nikkiso Cryo, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada. USA



Fabien Wahl graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon,
France and has his Masters in Aerospace Engineering from
Cornell University, USA.

Due to his contributions, The latest generation of Nikkiso In-tank pumps are now designed with spiral inducers and radial diffuser vanes. The progressive spiral inducer, derived from the aerospace industry, reaches ultra-low NPSHR.

Nikkiso nicknamed its inducer line ZEN, which stands for Zero Enabled NPSHR. Low NPSHR means that the unused heel of a
tank is substantially reduced, leading to an overall smaller tank which translates into lesser capital cost.

Thanks to his efforts, Nikkiso has designed a pump set for
floating regasification operations. The pump set comprises
an in-tank pump, a send-out pump and a line-packing pump.

Original technologies addressing the specificity of
operation during ship motion have been developed,
patented and successfully validated.

He started his career as a turbomachinery designer for
the European space industry, and participated in the design
of the Snecma/JC Carter LNG cargo pump.

He joined Nikkiso Cryo Inc. in 2007 as director of business development and support to R&D, promoting and joining in
the continuous efforts to improve the product line.


  • Master's degree, Aerospace Engineering
    Cornell University, USA.