Unique Features


Designed to Perform

All of our cryogenic pumps include unique features that Nikkiso Cryo designed to ensure they perform at their peak:
Our ZEN™ spiral inducer is directly derived from aerospace technology and minimizes the fluid left in the bottom of the tank.

With our specially designed radial diffuser, our pumps maximize efficiency and reduce our customers' electricity use.

Design features work together to minimize bearing load and extend pump life.

For pumps operating in liquefied gases, where pressures and temperatures of the pumped fluid are sometimes near their boiling point, the use of inducers in the pump inlet is necessary to ensure adequate NPSHR (Net Positive Suction Head Required) is supplied to the main centrifugal impellers. Nikkiso Cryo uses low solidity "fan" type inducers as well as high solidity "spiral" type inducers depending on the application. These inducers, with high suction specific speeds, provide excellent low suction pressure performance over a wide flow range.

For applications which require tank levels to be minimized as much as possible, Nikkiso Cryo has developed a spiral inducer with very high suction specific speeds. Our ZEN™ (Zero Enabled NPSH) inducer was specially developed based on high speed inducer technology from the aerospace industry to allow the pumps to reduce liquid levels to extremely low levels, which maximizes usable tank volume.