Second to none in after market services

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Nikkiso Cryo Inc. provides a full range of services for equipment maintenance, part replacement, testing and
a variety of other services to keep you moving forward.

With so many responsibilities to handle on a daily basis, Nikkiso Cryo works vigorously to resolve your issues and answer your questions as quickly as possible. Each of our clients has a specified project engineer that has intimate knowledge and insight about your site, the equipment being used and method of current operations. This in depth knowledge of your site means we are at the ready to resolve any sudden issues that may occur in the quickest amount of time possible. Our dedicated service and response allows you to get back to business and running smoothly, every time.



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Your Dedicated Aftermarket Product Engineer

    In a business where time is money, Nikkiso Cryo looks to save you as much
    of both as we possibly can. By assigning you a dedicated project engineer,
    you have someone on your team that is already familiar with the equipment being used, the inner workings of your site and points of contact to get things done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    You dedicated project engineer responds seamlessly as an intermediary
    to get you everything you need as quickly as possible to resolve any on-site issues. Acting as a part of both your team and ours, issues can be assessed, evaluated and remedied in the shortest amount of time.


    Responsive On-site support

      If needed, Nikksio Cryo has a team of service engineers and technicians ready to travel your site with just a single call. They are deployed to your location with all the required documents and site intel needed to handle everything for scheduled maintenance, shutdowns, training, testing and performance surveys, spare parts management or other preventative maintenance activities.


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    Preset Terms and Conditions Agreements

    • All terms and conditions are discussed, considered, explained and agreed to in advance in order to provide you with all the best options available and an agreement that will suit your best interest; so that when needed, all of your required parts can be shipped to you directly without snags or hold ups. This allows you to get the things you need as soon as you need them.

      Continuous On-site Performance Review

      • Nikkiso Cry provide cutting edge on-site performance reviews that covers your equipment status, safety, operations, efficiency and more. Each performance review offers surveys and full comprehensive reports for setting up maintenance procedures, site schedules and practices that will help to keep your equipment working in top order and the best condition for long term use.

        Spare Parts maintenance and inventory

      • Spare parts and inventory need never be a problem. Nikkiso Cryo helps you maintain your spare parts inventory to make sure you are covered in advanced with anything you might need. If at any time you are in need of a part or just want to have a spare on hand, we provide prompt service to have it shipped out
        to you in minimal time.

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      On-site training

      • NCI provides on-site training for your maintenance personnel.
        We can fully train your team on the aspects of working with your equipment.

        This comprehensive training will equip them with the knowledge, understanding and hands on experience to remain safe
        and handle regular production.

        Additionally, this formal training will also help your team communicate as effectively as possible with Nikkiso Cryo technical support to ask question and address any future issues,
        should they arise.


        Ongoing Product Improvements

        • Improvements are continuously being made in the design and technology of LNG pumps and parts. As we become aware of newly proven methods or product enhancements that will potentially increase the performance, reliability or safety of your product we will make you aware of all the new discoveries that can be used to enhance the performance of your current equipment, extend the life of your product or add an extra level of safety to your operations.


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        Other Engineering Services

        • After a long, long period of continuous use, it can be necessary to check and make adjustments to your equipment to insure that it is maintaining the highest level of efficiency while in use. Nikkiso Cryo can provide you with full system checks, and testing as well as design and engineering support to keep your system fully optimized for years to come.

          Continued Long term Support Options

          • Due to our sense of dedication in providing the highest level of service and assurance to our customers, we will always our contract always offer additional long term technical support. BY including the additional support into the original contract, our clients gain substantial discounts for these services.