A Full Range of Pump Solutions

This design is provided with the pump and suction vessel which become an integral part of the piping system with external suction and discharge connections. The pump is mounted to the top or headplate of the vessel such that the pump, motor and fluid product are totally contained within the pressure vessel. Shaft seals are eliminated. The pump inlet is below the suction vessel inlet which allows the source tank liquid levels to be lowered to a minimum.

Removable, or in-tank pumps offer the advantage of overhead removal and installation without taking the tank out of service. The pump operates at the bottom of a purpose-built pump column through which it is installed and removed. The column provides the fluid discharge from the pump to the top of the tank and contains the lifting cables as well as the power cables.Our ZEN (Zero Enabled NPSH) inducer was specially developed to allow the pumps to reduce liquid levels to extremely low levels.

This pump type is mounted directly to supports in the bottom of a storage tank and connected to a discharge pipe which extends to the top of the tank and out to the discharge piping. This simple and low cost design is used in liquefied gas carriers and in any other application where removing the liquid from the tank for maintenance is a normal or required process and can be accomplished without excessive costs to the tank or system.

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