State of the art testing

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Nikkiso Cryo offers performance testing at full speed, power and flow using LNG, LPG or LN2 at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, or using LN2 at our facility in Tokyo, Japan. The pumps undergo rigorous testing throughout the flow range, with flow, pressure, motor power and many other measurements taken using calibrated systems to ensure compliance with project requirements.

NPSH as well as complete pumpdown can be measured as well as axial shaft position to ensure the thrust balance system is performing as designed.

Testing is performed to very strict Nikkiso Cryo standards in addition to API, ASME and other international standards and project requirements. Factory performance testing ensures that each and every pump meets exacting standards and provides trouble-free performance once it has been installed and is operating at the customer's site.

Global Service

Our services include:

    • Installation, commissioning and repair
    • Technical training
    • Spare parts management
    • Engineering, failure analysis

Our experienced Aftermarket Services Group can provide all of your service needs, with supervisory services from initial installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs and training, to assistance with spare parts management and operational procedure review.

With field service staff located in the USA and Japan, and with the support of our factory engineering staff, Nikkiso Cryo is focused on responding to all service needs with a sense of urgency and commitment. We recognize that downtime at our customer's sites results in losses of productivity and revenue, and we strive to provide the most prompt and efficient service possible.

The terminal header used in our pumps' electrical system offers extended leak-free operation. This design was proven in the nuclear industry and has
a perfect 25-year record.Moreover, we have state-of-the-art testing facilities:

In Las Vegas, NV, we can perform witnessed tests on LN2, LNG and LPG, and our Tokyo facility can perform witnessed tests on LN2.

As the leader in floating LNG, Nikkiso Cryo is the only company to complete a full-scale, seaworthy qualification test for high-pressure pumps prior to installation on regasification vessels.The extensive instrumentation system installed at the Nikkiso Cryo Test Facility permits us to conduct computer-controlled performance and NPSH tests with live tracking of more than 200 parameters.